Opportunity to guage the fit before hiring

Access to talent with specialized skills

Flexibility to easily change size of workforce based on project load

Ability to fill positions quickly

Access more candidates

Exciting work

We explain the real & exciting aspects of the job that go beyond the job description to candidates.

Education & Career Growth

Explaining opportunities for growth and development, highlighting how the candidate can achieve his career goals has been the priority of A.M International.


A.M International communicates the vision for the workers to instill confidence for a promising future.


We describe the details of the contract, terms & conditions of the company to the candidates. Hiding any condition can lead workers and clients have less bounding, low satisfaction rate and retention of workers.


We provide a realistic preview of job duties which leads to long term satisfaction between candidates and company.


Beyond base pay, we explain all variable salary components, breakup, and pay practices at the principal company to candidates and states company benefits.

Facility at A.M. International

To support the company’s constant growth, new facilities are continuously being developed and implemented, enabling us to provide effective services to both clients and applicants.

We have full infrastructure and facilities for our clients to conduct personal interviews and trade tests to select their required workers.

We A.M. International can also arrange following types of interviews:

Online Interview
Telephonic Interview
Video conferences Interview

Market Research

Our expertise also includes conduction relative market research for understanding the emerging changes in the related industry sector. This includes changes that are being brought the job profile as well as new processes/skids gained by candidates with the aim to meet the emerging market demands. With services handled by experienced & competent industry professionals, the market research activities undertaken by us allow us to achieve agency’s objectives.

Regular Updates

We provide regular, daily and weekly updates on processing of all approved workers. As part of our policy, we make it point to respond to our client’s written enquiries through e-mail and telephone within the same day or within 24 hours.

Ample Support

Our clients are assured of full clerical and administrative support. We have paramount support of systematic approach for evaluation, assessment and recruitment solutions with services of talent mapping, salary survey, background verification and reference check.