By utilizing our vast international experience our vision is to create a business built upon not just meeting expectations but consistently exceeding them through dedication, passion and integrity while maintaining long term relationship with clients & candidates.



To be the provider of standard recruitment services, which deliver long term commercial benefits based upon our clients' key business requirements and values, allowing the company to quickly respond to both manpower economy and customer needs. We will achieve this by adhering to our core values of honesty, integrity, transparency and professionalism.

Key Points

  • More than 95 percent fill ratio for every trade we are authorized for
  • High retention rate of recruited workers
  • 80% of our recruited workers are converted to full-time employees
  • Market intelligence/ Competitor analysis
  • High contract renewal & visa renewal rate for our recruited workers
  • Staying ahead of trends
  • Openness and transparency
  • Salary surveys
  • Emphasis on accuracy
  • Adherence to deadlines
  • Data in client specific formats
  • 3 level quality control procedures
  • Editing and analysis during interview
  • Unmatched quality (experienced and well trained Interviewers)

We are also defined by what we are not!

  • We are not a general purpose job agency, we specialize in specific disciplines.
  • We are not a bulk mailer of CVs to clients.
  • We do not spend our days hitting quotas for phoning existing or potential clients.
  • We do not make any attempt to ‘churn’ our candidates after placement and have a strict policy never to initiate contact with a placed candidate.